2 Homemade, Natural Treatment Options For Easing Mild Discomfort After Your Dental Implant Surgery

If you have recently undergone dental implant surgery, you may be experiencing some mild symptoms, such as pain, swelling, and minor bleeding around the insertion sites. If so, you may decide you want to try one or both of the following homemade, natural treatment options for relieving your discomfort, as well as help prevent infection, using ingredients found in supermarkets and pharmacies. Option 1:  Apply A Soothing, Cold Compress On Your Gums Read More 

Four Options For Aesthetic Tattoo Removal

If you're thinking of having a tattoo safely removed, your skin care specialist may suggest various options. Laser tattoo removal is the most common procedure for tattoo removal, although it can be costly and involve several sessions over a period of many weeks. Other options include dermabrasion, cryotherapy and pulsed light therapy. A dermatologist or specialist in aesthetic medicine can determine which method might work best for you. Do It Professionally Read More 

Reducing The Size Of Pores: 2 Procedures Commonly Recommended By Dermatologists

Large pores affect more people than you know. A recent study by Harris Poll sponsored by L'Oreal found that 23% of women are willing to give up their favorite cocktails for a whole year just to have smaller pores. Large pores are a sign of aging, and will dramatically impact your overall appearance. Thankfully, dermatologists now recommend two procedures that have been known to offer permanent or long-lasting results. That's right. You won't ever have to worry about large pores ever again. Read More 

Premature Infant Vision: Common Problems And Their Treatments

Babies who are born prematurely struggle with many different health challenges. Fortunately, modern medical advances help babies who are born several weeks early to still grow and develop into healthy infants. One of the biggest problems that premature babies face is trouble with vision. A baby's eyesight develops in the womb, and continues to develop right until the time of birth. The eye is delicate, and the blood vessels that supply oxygen to this organ need time before birth to fully mature. Read More 

3 Healthy Activities That Can Lead To Inflamed Varicose Veins

Although exercise is a big part of preventing varicose veins, continuing certain intense physical activities could actually make the problem worse. As the vein inflammation worsens, you may experience intense pain and cramping at night around the affected area. Furthermore, the veins turn a deep blue or purple color, bulge out from under the skin and continue to spread to adjacent areas. As a result of these issues, varicose veins and depression often occur together, wreaking havoc on your mind until you seek treatment to resolve the problem. Read More