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Your Cataract And Cataract Surgery Guide

Many Americans get cataracts as they get older. Unfortunately, cataracts can affect your vision, making it harder to see as cataracts get worse. Luckily, there is a surgical treatment to restore your vision. If you would like to know more about cataracts and surgery, keep reading. What Are Cataracts? Your eyeball consists of many parts, including the cornea, pupil, lens, retina, and optic nerve. When light enters the cornea, it refracts the light, so your eye better focus on what it's seeing. Read More 

What Is Spider Vein Treatment And How Does It Work?

Mild spider veins may resolve with weight loss, rest, and exercise. However, in many cases, spider veins require professional treatment. Spider vein treatment can reduce the appearance of unsightly veins and relieve the pain sometimes associated with this condition. These are some things that patients should know about spider vein treatment: 1. Spider vein treatment works by closing the affected veins. Veins are present throughout your body. They carry blood to your heart as part of your circulatory system. Read More 

How Sports Injury Rehab Helps Athletes After A Severe Ankle Sprain

Sprained ankles are one of the most common sports injury types because almost all athletic events require running quickly and putting weight on the ankles suddenly. Thankfully, sports injury rehab can help individuals with injured ankles recover and get back into competition quickly and efficiently.  Diagnosis is Key to Recovery Doctors typically start the sports rehab process by diagnosing an individual's injury and ensuring that it gets properly managed. Diagnosis may include spotting where the injury occurred, what tendons are affected, and gauging the severity of the sprain throughout the ankle. Read More 

A Guide To Medical Marijuana You Should Read

Medical marijuana comes in many types of products and is used for a lot of reasons. If you haven't tried to take medical marijuana for ailments or conditions you are dealing with, then you might be doing some investigating into these products. You may be wondering if they can help you, and if so, what kinds of options you would have available to you. You'll find this guide to be helpful when it comes to learning about medical marijuana, how it's available, and what it can help you with. Read More 

Take Back Your Health: Three Things To Keep In Mind With Weight Loss

You've decided that enough is enough and you're ready to take on the challenge of a weight loss program. Congratulations! This is an excellent first step on the road to health that will benefit every aspect of your life. You might be surprised to learn that a weight loss program will teach you far more than just how to lose weight. Read on for three things to keep in mind when embarking on a weight loss journey. Read More