What Is Spider Vein Treatment And How Does It Work?

Mild spider veins may resolve with weight loss, rest, and exercise. However, in many cases, spider veins require professional treatment. Spider vein treatment can reduce the appearance of unsightly veins and relieve the pain sometimes associated with this condition. These are some things that patients should know about spider vein treatment:

1. Spider vein treatment works by closing the affected veins.

Veins are present throughout your body. They carry blood to your heart as part of your circulatory system. However, when veins are damaged, blood backflow can occur, leading to excess pressure in your veins, which results in visible spider veins. Spider vein treatment works by closing damaged veins, so they no longer protrude or show through your skin. You may feel some pain when undergoing spider vein treatment, but this discomfort is usually mild and resolves quickly.

2. Sclerotherapy solution or lasers may be used to treat your spider veins.

There are different forms of spider vein treatment available. The right choice for you will depend on the severity of your spider veins, as well as whether or not varicose veins are also present. Sclerotherapy involves the injection of sclerotherapy fluid into your affected veins. This fluid irritates the interior of your vein, which results in the vein closing. Sclerotherapy is effective for treating multiple spider veins since sclerotherapy fluid can travel through your vein to treat multiple areas simultaneously. Patients can also take advantage of laser therapy, which targets veins without breaking the skin. During laser therapy, lasers are used to damage spider veins and ultimately close them.

3. You can go back to your normal activities almost immediately.

Spider vein treatment is non-invasive. Since no incisions or sutures are required during these procedures, most patients can return to their ordinary activities as soon as they're feeling better. You may be required to wear compression leg wraps at night initially. Compression can encourage remaining veins to close, ensuring that your spider vein treatment is as effective as possible.

4. Treated spider veins will not return.

Spider vein treatment is permanent, which is good news for patients. Once a vein has closed, it cannot reopen again. However, it is possible to develop new spider veins in the future, especially if you are genetically prone to this condition. You can decrease your chance of needing additional spider vein treatments by adopting a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising regularly.