How Sports Injury Rehab Helps Athletes After A Severe Ankle Sprain

Sprained ankles are one of the most common sports injury types because almost all athletic events require running quickly and putting weight on the ankles suddenly. Thankfully, sports injury rehab can help individuals with injured ankles recover and get back into competition quickly and efficiently. 

Diagnosis is Key to Recovery

Doctors typically start the sports rehab process by diagnosing an individual's injury and ensuring that it gets properly managed. Diagnosis may include spotting where the injury occurred, what tendons are affected, and gauging the severity of the sprain throughout the ankle.

This process often includes hands-on diagnostic steps, such as touching the injured area to see where the pain begins and even using various scanning machines to further track the injury. These steps can help an athlete better understand where their sprain originated before therapy begins.

How Medications May Help

After diagnosing the ankle sprain, doctors may find medications that work well for the injured individual. These medications can provide relief for an ankle sprain and help people get back to their day-to-day life after a sprain. Medications can:

  • Help control inflammation around the injured area
  • Minimize pain spreading through the ankle
  • Increase blood flow through the affected areas

Medications can help athletes with severe ankle sprains get back into action. They may get over-the-counter options that work well to minimize pain. However, they may also get prescription medications from their rehab doctor that helps them if their pain is more severe.

Physical Therapy Provides Some Relief

Severe strains to the ankle may require physical therapy that helps an athlete get back into competition. Without physical therapy, they may experience stiffness and a loss of strength that may affect their capabilities. Going through physical therapy can:

  • Increase strength throughout the injured foot
  • Stabilize the muscles and tendons in the ankle
  • Improve flexibility in the affected area

These benefits make physical therapy a great option for sports injury rehabilitation after an ankle sprain. Doctors can help direct this process and teach the injured individual various tips and tricks that they can use at home to avoid pain, including various stretching and range-of-motion routines.

Finding Help

Anyone going through the challenging process of rehabilitating a sprained ankle after a sports injury may find it better to work with a medical professional. Rehabilitation doctors can help injured people get the help that they need to get back on their feet and feel strong again.