Take Back Your Health: Three Things To Keep In Mind With Weight Loss

You've decided that enough is enough and you're ready to take on the challenge of a weight loss program. Congratulations! This is an excellent first step on the road to health that will benefit every aspect of your life. You might be surprised to learn that a weight loss program will teach you far more than just how to lose weight. Read on for three things to keep in mind when embarking on a weight loss journey. 

Upfront and Honest

When speaking to your doctor regarding your options, always be upfront and honest regarding your current diet and activity level. Many people who enter into weight loss programs feel embarrassed, guilty, or even ashamed about their health. Know that your doctor and nutritionist are only there to help you and can do so efficiently by understanding where you currently stand. Your relationship to food, eating habits, and how often you exercise are all examples of what to disclose to your doctor. Also express what you hope to achieve during and at the end of your weight loss journey, including why you want to lose weight in the first place. 

What's Right for You

Once you and your doctor have had an extensive conversation regarding your current weight issues, a medical exam may be needed to gain a better understanding of why you're overweight. While you may attribute your weight gain to unhealthy eating or lack of exercise, it will not hurt to check on other conditions that may be contributing to your health. A family history of diabetes, for example, could put you at a much higher risk of inheriting this disease. Other factors including thyroid disorders or those entering peri-menopause may be prone to gaining weight as well. With a comprehensive look at your health through a physical and bloodwork, your health care team can help you find a solution that will target the underlying cause of your weight gain. 

A Lifestyle Change

While you may be ready to get right into weight loss with a diet and exercise program, remind yourself of the long-term benefits of a healthier lifestyle that goes beyond simply losing a few inches off your waistline. Not only can this help kickstart your weight loss journey, but will also equip you with knowledge of how to live a life that makes you look and feel great, inside and out. When you try out healthier meals, for example, make note of what you enjoy most about the experience and how the food makes you feel afterward. Likewise, a great workout will not only keep you trim, but it can make you feel more energized and contribute to better sleep. Use what you learn about your body on an intuitive level during your weight loss journey, and don't be afraid to take it with you for the rest of your life!

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