PRP Injections May Help Dancers With Muscle Strains

Dancing can be a fun and exhilarating experience, whether done for fun or professionally. But unfortunately, dancing may also increase a person's risk of muscle strain, which can be quite painful and may even make their dancing career almost impossible. Thankfully, PRP injections may help with this process by speeding up a dancer's recovery and making it easier to get back to the dance floor.

How PRP Helps With Strain Recovery

Dancers with muscle strains may find it hard to get on the dance floor because they likely experience a high level of pain and even some instability when walking. This problem typically takes several weeks of medication and physical therapy to properly manage. However, PRP therapy may help with this process by speeding up the healing to minimize a dancer's downtime. This process will:

  • Take Plasma From a Person's Body: PRP or platelet-rich plasma comes directly from a dancer's body. The plasma is then separated from the rest of a person's blood to help focus mainly on the platelets. This option helps to provide better treatment options by focusing on plasma a person's body is likely to accept.
  • Inject the Plasma Into the Affected Area: After drawing this plasma, the doctor injects it in and around the strained area. The idea here is to add extra platelets to the tendon to help it heal more quickly. Dancers getting this treatment may get one or more shots during each therapy session.
  • Wait for the Healing to Begin: After injecting the PRP, treatment professionals will track a strain's recovery and take steps to help them. These steps may include physical therapy based on a dancer's routines and other healing actions that simplify their recovery.

PRP therapy can be started during the healing process but is best utilized early on in a person's recovery cycle. Introducing platelet-rich plasma to the body earlier can minimize the risk of inaccurate healing throughout the tendon, which could cause the tendon to tear more easily and put a dancer's career at stake. Thankfully, even later PRP therapy should help minimize this danger.

Finding an Appropriate Doctor

PRP therapy has become popular in many different regions because it improves healing time and helps a person recover from injuries. But, just as importantly, this therapy is something that more and more insurance options are covering. Thankfully, professional dancers may find that their treatment is easily covered by their insurance, as the injury is likely work-related and needs immediate care to manage.

Contact a medical professional to learn more about PRP injections.