Is Getting A Neck Lift Worth It?

Do you find yourself unhappy with the appearance of your neck when you look in the mirror? You may be thinking about consulting a plastic surgeon about a neck lift procedure to tighten and tone the area. Many people do undergo neck lifts and end up happy with the results. However, since this is a surgical procedure, and a pretty involved one at that, you should spend some time thinking about whether a neck lift really is worth it before you agree to go under the knife.

Do you have sagging skin, or just wrinkles?

If you have sagging skin, then a neck lift may, indeed, be necessary to remove the sagging to an acceptable degree. On the other hand, if it's just wrinkles you are worried about, then there are likely less invasive treatments that can reduce their appearance. Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about filler injections, which can add volume to the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles for a year or so at a time. Another option may be laser-based procedures that tighten and tone the tissues. Sometimes, these procedures may only manage your wrinkles adequately for a few years, and then you'll end up needing a neck lift anyways, but it's often worth giving them a try.

Do you have time to dedicate to recovery?

It will take you a month or two to recover from neck lift surgery to the extent that you're able to venture out without bandages, chew and eat as usual, and wear makeup over your incisions. If you have this time to set aside, then go ahead with your neck lift. On the other hand, if you're really busy and can't take time away from work and hobbies, you may want to have some non-invasive treatments to tide you over until you're able to take time for recovery.

Do you have extra fat, or just extra skin?

Some people who have extra skin or sagging skin in their neck also have extra fatty tissue in that area. This does not mean you can't have a neck lift, but it does mean you may also need to have some liposuction in conjunction with the neck lift in order to get the results you desire. Talk this through with your doctor and make sure you're comfortable with the recovery that both procedures will involve.

Neck lift procedures can be quite effective for anyone with sagging, loose skin on their neck. Reach out to a cosmetic surgeon for a consultation. 

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