Understanding Healthy Bowel Functioning

What does it mean to have a healthy bowel, and is that something you can work on? A healthy bowel may be possible, so long as you are ready to speak with a professional. These tips will help you understand what a healthy bowel looks and feels like.

What Does a Healthy Bowel Look Like?

Since most people don't talk about their bowel movements, it can be difficult to determine if yours are normal. Even if you do not have a bowel movement each day, your bowel could be totally healthy. Healthy bowel movements are soft but formed and easy to pass. You should feel that your bowel has been completely emptied by the end.

What Does an Unhealthy Bowel Look Like?

Unhealthy bowel issues include constipation, which is a symptom of something larger in many cases. Constipation can lead to pain and discomfort because your bowel movements are very dry. Constipation may be linked to insufficient fluids, lack of fiber, and ignoring the need to defecate as it arises. Other issues, like pregnancy, can also cause constipation.

In some cases, people experience incontinence of the bowels. This means that you may involuntary pass a bowel movement without meaning to. This can be a very difficult issue to contend with physically and emotionally. This issue may be linked to constipation, childbirth, medications, and some medical conditions.

No matter what kind of change you see in your bowels, you should always seek assistance from a medical professional if you feel something has changed for the worse.

How Can You Maintain a Healthy Bowel?

If you want to maintain a healthy bowel, you have a few options to keep you healthy and regular. For example, you should drink about eight glasses of fluids each day and ensure that you eat a lot of fiber. Fiber is found in many different foods you eat each day, including vegetables, nuts, beans, and fruits. You can also improve your health by exercising about half an hour a day for four days a week.

Finally, also ensure that you give yourself plenty of time when you go to the bathroom. Do not try to force anything out when you sit on the toilet, as this can lead to other health issues.

If you believe you do not have a healthy bowel, you should speak with a doctor right away. A solution to your problems may be available.