Three Common Face-Lift Myths You Really Don’t Have To Worry About

If you are unhappy with the look of your face and would like to say goodbye to saggy skin and wrinkles, then you might be considering undergoing a facelift. Such a procedure will yield far more lasting and noticeable results than creams and other non-surgical cosmetic procedures. However, the prospect of going through a face-lift may be a bit scary, particularly if you have heard any of these myths below. Thankfully, you don't really need to worry about these myths, because they're false.

Myth #1: Face-lifts make your face look tight and unnatural.

Yes, it is possible for a face-lift to yield unnatural results. However, this mostly happens when patients insist on multiple surgeries in an attempt to achieve a nearly impossible look. The celebrities you have seen who look overly tight and unnatural do not look that way because they had one face-lift. They look that way because they've had numerous cosmetic procedures, face-lift and otherwise, over the years. If you just go in for one face-lift and your doctor knows it's important for you to look natural, he or she won't remove enough skin or pull your skin tight enough to create this over-taut look.

Myth #2: Face-lifts are very painful to recover from.

The idea of having someone cut into your facial tissue may be scary, but actually, the recovery process is easier than most patients assume. Modern advancements have made it possible to do a face-lift with only very small incisions. You may only have two small incisions along your hairline, or perhaps around the edge of your ears. Any pain you do have can be controlled with over-the-counter pain relievers and by staying away from crunchy foods for a few days. Patients are often back to work within a few days, and you can wear makeup (except for right over the incisions) within a few days, too.

Myth #3: Face-lifts don't provide lasting results.

You may have heard that getting one face-lift is a slippery slope and that once you start, you'll need to have another procedure every year. But the results of a face-lift are long-lasting. You will continue to age, of course, and so your skin will continue to sag a little more as you age. However, most patients are comfortable with the limited additional aging they see after their procedure. If you do want to look 25 forever, of course, you can get another face-lift later. But you don't absolutely need to do so.