3 Not-So-Obvious Signs That You Are Losing Your Hearing

As you get older, you may start wondering if your hearing has been affected by your advancing age. You probably know about the typical signs of hearing loss, such as having to turn up the volume on your television or speaking louder than usual. However, you should also look for the following three signs of hearing loss that may not be so obvious

Inability to Maintain Your Balance

One cause of hearing loss is damage to the structures of your inner ear that translate sound waves into impulses that are delivered to your brain. However, your inner ear also serves another function. It helps you maintain your balance while standing, walking, and sitting.

If you have noticed that you have started having trouble maintaining your balance or have suddenly become very clumsy, this could be a sign that you also have some degree of hearing loss.

However, this inability to maintain your balance could also be caused by an infection, so you should have your doctor examine you and perform a hearing test to determine the true cause.

Difficulty Following Conversations

Another subtle sign that you are suffering from hearing loss is that you start having difficulty following conversations. You may be able to hear the person speaking, but you may have trouble recalling what they say.

This trouble with recalling the information could be a sign that you are not hearing clearly enough to process what the person is saying. But, because you can hear the person speak, you may not attribute this difficulty with following conversations to loss of hearing.

Quickly Become Tired in Social Gatherings

Along with the inability to follow conversations, you may also notice that you quickly become tired while participating in social gatherings. You may not realize it, but your brain may be working overtime trying to process other people's words.

Especially if you are in a large group. your ears and mind may start to become strained while trying to differentiate between multiple sources of sounds and keeping up with varying conversations. This can leave you feeling exhausted at the end of the day.

If you have started experiencing one or more of the above changes, you may be suffering from some degree of hearing loss. Contact your doctor to schedule an appointment so they can perform hearing tests and determine the cause of your symptoms, as well as recommend any necessary treatment or appliances, such as hearing aids.