Ready To Hit The Open Road? 3 Steps To Help You Pass Your DOT Physical

If you've recently completed your training course to become a long-haul trucker, it's time to start planning for your DOT physical. If you've never had a DOT physical before, you might not be prepared for how thorough they are. During the physical, doctors are going to be looking for anything that would prohibit you from becoming a truck driver. The reason they're so thorough is because while you're on the road, you're going to be responsible for the safe handling of a very large truck. One misstep could spell disaster for you and those around you. To make sure you pass your DOT physical, here are three steps you should follow.

Avoid Marijuana Use

Marijuana use may be legal in the state where you live, but it is still a federal offense, which can prevent you from passing your physical. Unfortunately, marijuana can remain in your system for up to 30 days. To make sure you don't fail the drug test, avoid all types of marijuana use, including edibles, for at least 30 days prior to your physical. It's also important that you avoid all other types of illegal drug use in the days leading up to your physical.

Be Prepared for the Day

During your physical, you're going to be taking quite a few lab tests, including urine testing. You're also going to be required to provide a detailed medical history. It's important that you arrive at your appointment fully prepared for the day. You'll need to have a full bladder so that you can provide enough urine for your testing. You'll also need to bring along a list of all the medications you take on a regular basis, including prescription medications and over-the-counter medications. If you wear glasses, bring them with you. The last thing you want to do is fail your vision test. Your physical may take a few hours, so be sure to sleep well the night before. This will ensure that you're alert throughout your physical.

Stay Away from Caffeine

Your blood pressure check will be an important part of the physical. Because of that, you'll want to avoid anything that might elevate it. Beginning the day before your physical, reduce – or remove altogether – any drinks that contain stimulants. This should include coffee and caffeinated sodas. Once you've had your physical, you can go back to drinking your favorite beverages.

Don't risk failing your DOT physical. The tips provided here will help you pass with flying colors.

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