Be Aware of Your Posture in These Environments to Prevent Neck and Back Pain

When it comes to preventing neck and back pain, many people are cognizant of the posture they adopt while seated during the workday. If you're seated at your desk for seven or eight hours a day, you should be taking steps to improve your posture so that you don't end up with back pain. However, even if they're careful about their posture at work, some people may largely ignore how they sit in other environments — and, even if you aren't seated in these environments for as long as you're seated at work, poor posture may still lead to neck and back pain. Here are three environments in which poor posture is common.

In the Car

It can often be tempting to adopt a poor posture when you're seated in your car. This temptation may arise when you're struck in traffic, for example. You may slouch down into a comfortable position, given that you're not moving quickly. This can put a strain on your lower back over time. Other times that you're behind the wheel, you may find yourself leaning forward, which can potentially strain your upper back and neck. Whenever you're in the car, it's important to be mindful of how you're seated. Adjust your seat as needed so that you can maintain an upright, healthy posture that keeps back pain at bay.

On an Airplane

Airplane seats are often uncomfortable, which may compel you to adopt whatever position you can so that you can either sleep or relax. When you reach your destination, however, you're at risk of standing up and realizing that your neck and back are sore as a result of your posture. When you're seated, try to maintain an upright posture. Ask a flight attendant for a pillow or blanket that you can slip between the seat and your lower back to provide support.

On the Couch

After a long day at work, the couch beckons. However, if you maintain a slouched posture, you may end up nursing a sore neck and back in the days that follow. Support your back with pillow, as necessary, or consider positioning your couch so that you can lie out flat, rather than slouch in a semi-seated position. If you plan to watch TV for a prolonged period, try to get up regularly to move your body, as this may also prove useful in your battle against back pain.

If you develop back pain for a posture-related reason or any other reason, seek the help of a health practitioner at clinics like Beltline Chiropractic.