3 Tips To Help Reduce Carpal Tunnel Irritation While Typing

Whether you work in an office all day where typing is a must or you are a freelance writer, all that keyboard pounding day in and day out can take a major toll on your hands and wrists. While studies have shown that typing alone rarely causes carpal tunnel, what it can do is irritate and existing condition. Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, you are bound to have some exacerbated symptoms after a long day rambling out written words on a keyboard. Here are a few things you can do that may help prevent problems with carpal tunnel syndrome while you type. 

Invest in arm supports for your desk. 

If you are like most people, while you are typing, your elbows are hanging from the edge of your desk. This awkward position for long periods puts a lot of pressure on the tendons of your hands and wrists. Thankfully, you can invest in arm supports that are designed to attach to the edge of the desk. These arm supports are designed to adjust in position so your elbow is fully supported while you use a mouse and work at your computer. If only one hand gives you problems, just one arm support can help a great deal, but it is always best to get two so both arms are fully supported. 

Consider replacing your mouse. 

Just using your mouse all day can cause your carpal tunnel problems to flare up because of the fact that most computer mouses don't really give your hand a good resting spot. You can find ergonomic computer mouses that are substantially larger and are curved to fit the ergonomic contours of your hand. These computer mouses give you the same level of control and grip without straining your hands and wrists at all. 

Use a wrist support while you work. 

Wrist support wraps are available in an array of different forms for those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and related hand and wrist conditions. These support wraps slip over your hand and thumb, wrapping around your wrist and securing in place with a velcro strap. The support wrap prevents you from moving your thumb and wrist in awkward positions while you type, which can definitely help prevent the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome from flaring up as badly during long work days. 

Even though carpal tunnel can be a real pain for anyone who types a lot through the day, there are things you can do to help. For more information about how to help ward off problems with carpal tunnel syndrome, talk to a doctor like Conrad J Tirre MD