Tips For Getting The Best Botox Results

Everyone is getting older. You might notice that your skin is starting to lose some of its elasticity and wrinkles are starting to form as a result of the collagen breaking down. This is normal and happens to everyone. However, you might feel self conscious as a result of the wrinkles and might not want to look older yet. You might decide to go with Botox treatments in order to fill in some of the wrinkles and start looking younger again. Here are some tips for getting the best Botox results.

1. Start Small

You can always have another procedure that adds filler to the areas that you want to be changed on your face. It is far harder to take out filler and make your face look less stiff. By going small and starting conservatively in where you want the filler added and how much you want added, you can drastically reduce the chances that you come out looking unnatural. You don't actually want to look different at first glance when you get Botox done. You don't want your Botox to be so noticeable that people know that you go Botox. You want it to be natural and subtle. Starting small will allow this to happen.

2. Understand the Metabolic Differences

If you have a ton of muscle and a low amount of fat, your metabolism is going to be higher. This means that it is going to take a few sessions of Botox for your body to fully soak it up and stop metabolizing it so that you actually see a difference. Set aside extra money if you are much more muscular for more frequent sessions for the first few months.

3. Start Using Botox Before You Get Wrinkles

If you're super worried about wrinkles, start getting Botox in areas where you absolutely don't want to see any wrinkles before the wrinkles actually set in. This will allow you to avoid getting wrinkles in the first place. Botox cannot always get rid of all wrinkles and you can get deep smile or frown lines without preventative Botox.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in Botox treatments. The surgeon will be able to look at your particular situation and give you suggestions for where the Botox would look the best on your face, as well as temper your expectations closer to reality by showing you what your face will likely look like after the treatment.