3 Not-So-Obvious Signs That You Are Losing Your Hearing

As you get older, you may start wondering if your hearing has been affected by your advancing age. You probably know about the typical signs of hearing loss, such as having to turn up the volume on your television or speaking louder than usual. However, you should also look for the following three signs of hearing loss that may not be so obvious Inability to Maintain Your Balance One cause of hearing loss is damage to the structures of your inner ear that translate sound waves into impulses that are delivered to your brain. Read More 

Ready To Hit The Open Road? 3 Steps To Help You Pass Your DOT Physical

If you've recently completed your training course to become a long-haul trucker, it's time to start planning for your DOT physical. If you've never had a DOT physical before, you might not be prepared for how thorough they are. During the physical, doctors are going to be looking for anything that would prohibit you from becoming a truck driver. The reason they're so thorough is because while you're on the road, you're going to be responsible for the safe handling of a very large truck. Read More 

3 Reasons Detoxing From Drugs Alone Is A Bad Idea

Detoxing is the first step on the road to long-term sobriety, but some people erroneously believe they can detox on their own. When you avoid reaching out for help, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Here's why detoxing alone is a bad idea: You're Not Increasing Your Odds Of Sobriety Detoxing from any addictive substance is an unpleasant experience, and going through the process without any help will not make it easier to stay clean. Read More 

Tips For Easier Calorie Counting

You have likely heard the phrase "calories in, calories out" in reference to the amount of calories that you consume and the amount of calories that you burn throughout the day. It can be difficult to ensure that you are consuming less calories than you are burning if you aren't actually counting your calories. Here are some tips for starting to count your calories so that you can ensure that your weight loss journey is as comfortable as possible. Read More 

Three Mistakes That Can Ruin A Hearing Aid

Hearing aids can be a major convenience for those with hearing loss, often allowing you to live a normal life. It's common knowledge that hearing aids only work if you actually wear them, of course, but there are other mistakes you could be making that could decrease the effectiveness of your hearing aid. Knowing these mistakes can help you avoid them. #1: Not purchasing a dehumidifier case Moisture on a hearing aid can lead to mold and mildew growth. Read More